NodeSchool Lodz #6

Posted by Krzysztof Zbiciński on 2016-11-05.

The 6th edition of NodeSchool workshops in Łódź is history now. The main topic of the meeting was ‘ES6 and beyond’. During the event there were two presentations given and I can modestly tell, that they included my presentation about the state of ES6. In this non-technical post, I’d like to share few observations and thoughts that crossed my mind while organizing the meeting.

Sad programmer speaking about boring topics.

Preparing such an event consumes quite a lot of time and energy and there are a lot of things that one has to take care of: finding speakers, mentors, venue as well as sorting out pizza or… extension cords. Registration started exactly a month before the event. To my relief, the free tickets were almost gone in the first two days:

Ticket sale graph.

The first and the biggest peak in tickets ‘sold’ was caused by the launch of the registration. The other one, was precisely when I reminded people abount the event on social media (NodeSchool Lodz’s Twitter and Facebook page). Not much of a surprise but I didn’t expected such a strict correlation.

Speaking of social media - during the workshops I was a part-time PR specialist. Thinking about what to post or taking good photos of a live event is not as easy as I thought, however I think it turned out well. This event proven to me, that being a social media manager is a position requiring full-time involvement. Receiving notifications about likes and retweets during the workshops, especially from the official account of our host - GFT Poland - was a very nice feeling.

Can’t wait for the next workshops that will probably take place on the begining of the next year. I’d like to thank all of the people who helped me with organizing this event: Dawid, Krzysztof (mentors, who provided their great technical knowledge), Karol (who gave an awesome talk about elasticsearch.js) and all of the people that I discussed the event with and took advices from. Thank you all and see you on the next meeting!